Collector’s items and unique gift ideas, from clothing to home décor: the new Riva collection is
even more luxurious, with premium materials, unparalleled quality, and the unmistakable
style of the most iconic brand in the boating world.
This Christmas, give something unique: a truly exclusive product, capable of conveying special emotions while telling
a tale of uncompromising excellence. Riva Boutique (, the official Riva online store, offers a
vast selection of exquisite products, ranging from collectibles to designer home décor pieces, and from clothing and
accessories to high-tech items.
This elegant and refined collection, perfect for surprising family, friends or co-workers on any occasion, fully
embodies its guiding vision – “Riva inside, inside Riva” -, which transcends the brand to create an authentic
experience. And not just any experience, but one as unique as Riva itself: a treasure chest of timeless values, defined
by the same top-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail which, for the past 175 years, have written a
history of unsurpassed craftsmanship.
The collector’s items are extraordinary scale models that combine fun for children with aesthetic appeal for adults.
These elegant reproductions are made with the same attention to detail and the same precious woods as actual Riva
yachts. The books, too, are extremely compelling: exciting accounts of Riva legends give the reader an exclusive look
into the iconic boatyard.
The clothing items are wearable excellence, equally suitable for days at sea or invoking memories of aquatic
adventures past. With high-quality fabrics, classic yet sophisticated designs, and meticulous attention to detail, they
embody the love of perfection that is typical of Riva.
Our line of high-tech articles and accessories is sure to wow this holiday season. Small items of extraordinary
quality, wholly representative of Riva elegance, are made with the same prized mahogany and maple essences used
for the actual yachts.
Home décor pieces can also serve as everyday luxuries for any gift recipient. The precious towels, for instance,
feature plush terry cotton in navy blue or in the brand’s iconic aquamarine. This stunning colour is most closely
associated with sunny charm of the Riva world; it is reminiscent of both the home and the beach. The furnishings,
with their refined and inimitable style, incorporate the trademark chrome platings seen on board the “ladies in
mahogany”. The same fabric is used on the exterior seating of the yachts, and the pinstripes mimic those found on
the decks. Together, this forms a magical combination designed to recreate the atmosphere of a Riva yacht inside
your home.