Ferretti Group swept the World Yachts Trophies 2018
6 awards for the wonderful Cannes Premieres
The jury of the competition awarded Ferretti Yachts 670, Riva 66’ Ribelle, Riva 110’ DolceVita,
Custom Line 120’, Custom Line Navetta 42 and Pershing 9X
Cannes, September 16
th 2018 – Awards record for Ferretti Group in occasion of the World Yachts Trophies 2018, the
expected appointment closing the Cannes Yachting Festival that, even this year, rewarded with 6 prizes the unique
Made in Italy style and the many design and technology innovations offered on board.
It is a triumphant moment for the Group that, after the success that the Festival’s audience paid to its fleet of wonders
(25 models from 8 to 42 metres) representing the Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Riva and Custom Line brands, also receives
the applause of the experts with some of the most coveted awards in the sector, in recognition of an aesthetics and
innovation record that has now been proven.
Here are the 6 Awards:
– Ferretti Yachts 670: Best Layout Trophy, category 62 – 80 feet (18,50-24 metres);
– Riva 66’ Ribelle: Best Exterior Design Trophy, category 62 – 80 feet (18,50-24 metres);
– Custom Line 120’: Best Exterior Design Trophy, category 125 – 164 feet (38-50 metres)
– Custom Line Navetta 42: Best Innovation Trophy, category 125 – 164 feet (38-50 metres)
– Pershing 9X: Best Exterior Design Trophy, category 80 – 125 feet (24-38 metres)
– Riva 110’ DolceVita: Best Interior Design Trophy, category 80 – 125 feet (24-38 metres).
“Winning is good for morals and for the method, because it repays the whole Group for the work done and tells us that
we are doing things in the right way – commented the Group’s CEO Alberto Galassi. – When our boats are rewarded
also by a great commercial success, as it is happening, our satisfaction is double. The challenge continues: with these
awards we raise more and more the bar of beauty, style and performance that ourselves will be called to overcome with
the next models. But this is the beauty of the challenge and of being Ferretti Group”.