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We know you wouldn’t leave home without your mobile phone, but would you leave the dock without firstly downloading the latest in boating applications? If you’re thinking about setting sail this month then you probably want to consider checking out Apple’s range of free and affordable navigation apps to help you along the way.

Not sure how to tie a bowline or a fisherman’s knot with skilled precision? With 35 sailing knots and 21 fishing knots, Knot Guide can help you with that.

Want to impress others with your knowledge of the stars? Simply point your phone at the sky and the GoSkyWatch Planetarium app will tell you exactly what you are seeing.

Rusty on marine rules, signs and symbols at sea? With over 800 symbols and abbreviations all indexed with a quick search facility, the Imray Marine Rules and Signs is a useful guide to help jog your memory.

Boaters, fisherman and water sports enthusiasts alike can all benefit by becoming tech savvy with everything from navigation and charting to basic communications apps for their iPads, iPhones and android devices. Every day new apps are being developed and turning that convenient little device in your pocket into a multi-tasking marine machine. From anchor alerts, electronic compasses, weather reports and boating manuals, the ubiquitous iPhone will be your next best friend on the water.

Whether you are a novice boatie or the most experienced old salt, if there’s something you need for boating, there’s probably an app for it!

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