A sensational contemporary design comes to fruition in a yacht of crisp, emphatic style,
with sophisticated interiors and outdoor spaces suffused with an elegant linearity.
Ancona, xx December 2018 – CRN presents Begallta, a 75m yacht with a dynamic, forward-looking spirit.
The new project has been developed by the CRN Technical Office working closely with architecture and
design studios Lobanov Design, who created the exterior lines and spatial layout, and Pulina DNA, who
took care of the interiors.
Begallta is a yacht with original, surprising lines, imbued with a sophisticated, contemporary style that
superbly marries the innovative drive of CRN with the futuristic vision of Lobanov Design. The Begallta’s
silhouette captivates the eye with its striking design, exemplified to perfection by the tapered bow, which
slices decisively through the water surface when under way. The yacht’s unique stylistic hallmark is the line
that slants along the hull and superstructure like a ribbon, seamlessly uniting her decks and lending an
unprecedented sense of fluidity. The Begallta’s futuristic inspiration reaches its zenith at the stern, where
the cut of the corners underlines the yacht’s highly distinctive style.
Conceived for a cosmopolitan owner with a strong personality who loves to explore the seas on extended
cruises, Begallta offers an innovative, flowing layout that breaks down all barriers between interior and
exterior. The design solutions promote constant contact with the natural surroundings, from the panoramic
windows to the generous terraces and glorious sundeck, where the sunlight glints off the facets of the
surface in a play of architectural lines that draws the eye to the hard top, as sky meets sea. The
contemporary linear feel outdoors is in perfect harmony with the metropolitan-style interiors. The ample
spaces are embellished with prestige materials and a judicious use of glass, set off by minimalist décor and
cutting-edge entertainment features that combine to instantly evoke the typical mood of a New York loft.
“Begallta is an absolutely unique, unparalleled design, where the Lobanov studio’s signature style shines
through to masterly effect”, said Stefano De Vivo, CRN Chief Commercial Officer. “We love challenges,
and this collaboration with Lobanov Design has yielded a stunningly innovative project that harmoniously
blends sophisticated modern style and intimate contact with the elements of nature to exhilarating effect.”
“Creating iconic yachts that etch themselves into the imagination at first sight is what our design approach
is all about. The constant quest for dynamic, ingenious, original solutions that instantly express a precise
idea through the use of different styles is integral to our way of working, alongside the imperative to bring

the unexpected to life. This project fully articulates our values and our style. We are pleased to have
worked with CRN on what has proved a fascinating intellectual challenge for our studio”, added Igor
Lobanov, Creative Director at Lobanov Design.